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Robert Wagner mechanische Fertigung





item Number: 408210

Price: 1.021,-€

         1.214,99€ VAT included



The rowa-Truss / Tube-Scooter offers a new variety of mounting options. On a 290mm truss or tubes (diameter 33-48mm) fixed in trace tresholds, it can be upgraded as desired by bowls, mitchell plates, Euro pin and serves as a multi-function scooter. The track can be adjusted due to slight traces of the traverse. The scooter can be driven on pipes close to the ground (leveling feet) or on tripods (Pin 16) by means of trace thresholds.


Adapter pin 16 to 28 separately available.



Plate dimensions: 297mmx297mm

Total weight: approx. 8kg

Additional mounting possibilities: 4x 3/8" thread holes "ARRI"-style for further accessories.



Fuse with brake (set) 

item Number: 408211

Price: 307,-€

         365,33€ VAT included

Protection against unintentional tilting. 






Trace Threshold (set = 2pcs) 

item Number: 408212

Price: 406,-€

         483,14€ VAT included

For use on pipes.

Leveling screws must be ordered separately.


item Number: 408213

Price: 160,-€

         190,40€ VAT included

For supporting pipe lengths over 2 meters.

Leveling screws must be ordered separately. 





Accessories table 

item Number: 408214

Price: 100,-€

          119,-€ VAT included

For storage of eg. Batteries, transmitters, cigarette packets, etc.




item Number: 410603

Price: 479,-€

          570,01€ VAT included

For save Transportation and storage.








 Leveling foot (set = 4 pcs) 

item Number: 410508

Price: 150,-€

         178,50€ VAT included


Leveling foot (set = 2 pcs) 

item Number: 410508-1

Price: 75,-€

         89,25€ VAT included